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One of the very best reasons to hire a wedding planner for your big day, along with all of the general wedding planning expertise we have, is that we also know the best vendors in the area. From catering to DJs to florals, our team here at Finerr Weddings and Events has worked with SO many vendors in Temecula and Southern California, so we know which ones are the best and which ones fit the needs of each of our couples!

We wanted to take this time to highlight some of the top vendors in Temecula and Southern California and give you a little insight as to why they are the very best! We are starting off with one of our favorite bridal beauty vendors, Aly Rose Beauty. Aly and her team of top-rated hair and makeup artists have made quite a name for themselves in the wedding industry, and for good reason! We sat down and talked with Aly, interview style so that you all could get to know her and her team a little better. Check it out!

Aly, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you and Aly Rose Beauty got to where it is today in the bridal hair and makeup industry:

My experience with makeup began when I was just five years old playing with my grandma’s makeup. As an only child, I was often bored and I would go into her room and put on a full face of her makeup and then come out and model for my family. From there, I gained real life experience with doing the makeup and hair of all my friends for the school dance. As you can imagine, news like this travels fast, and I was quickly earning a very nice side hustle income from doing what I loved! My passion was so strong for the beauty industry that during my high school years I also became certified in theatrical and television film make up.

Right after high school, at 17 years old, I began working at a salon where I had the opportunity to be trained by brand and product specialists on how to use their products. It was truly a fantastic learning experience! I then went on to work for companies like Nordstroms, Urban Decay and other big names in the industry.

In college, I became a film major at USC where I had the opportunity to assist with red carpet events. I had the opportunity to work for Victoria Secret Beauty. My love for the wedding industry came from my time with Victoria Secrets. I would watch the brides come in and see the way their eyes sparkled, the huge smiles on their faces and I could feel how excited they were for their big day. Quickly, I discovered that bridal beauty is what lit my soul on fire and I knew that pursuing a career in the wedding industry was where I wanted to be!

I was a freelance makeup artist for 20 years before starting my own company, Aly Rose Beauty in 2019. I had just moved to the Temecula area and knew nobody but was excited to share my passion and expertise! It was with a lot of hard work, dedication and a ton of networking that I started to make a name for myself. Even with the COVID shutdowns, I was able to work 75 weddings in 2021 and now have over 100 bookings in 2022 all with no advertising!

What sets you apart from other beauty vendors in the area?

Here at Aly Rose Beauty, we take pride in ensuring every one of our clients has an amazing and relaxing experience with our on-site hair and makeup artists! Each and every bride is given a top-rated, luxury experience from start to finish, even with our prices being quite reasonable!

Starting with the quality of products that we use. We have different types of products to cater to all skin types and textures. We are essentially a salon on wheels. The kits my team and I use are valued at over $15,000 each.

Another big factor that goes into providing the best hair and makeup experience is that everything that we use is consumable. We take extreme measures to be sanitary and hygienic. We use disposable applicators on all our products and our team undergoes constant training and holds multiple certifications in their line of expertise. Our team is made up of top-rated artists who are all professionals with many years of experience.

Customer service is also a very integral part of our process. We make sure to provide a ton of helpful tips to the bride and her bridesmaids before they even come and see us for their trial hair and makeup appointments. Not to mention, we provide each bride with all of the necessary information and expert advice on how to prepare their skin and hair for their big day.

Lastly, we don’t treat our brides like a number. They truly are family to us and welcome open communication with all of our clients throughout the whole experience. It is no coincidence that we often leave our weddings with a handful of new besties!

How much time does the hair and makeup take?

On average, each bridesmaid will take 45 minutes and the bride will take an hour to an hour and a half. However, what really determines the timeline is the expectation that the client has for the look they are trying to achieve. It is very important to have realistic expectations on what you were trying to achieve. When choosing inspo photos, it is important to find a look that closely resembles your current look and style. This will not only help our artists achieve the style that you were going for most closely, but also provide you with a better understanding of your final look before we begin. Thus, making you pleased with the results.

What are some tips you have for brides and bridesmaids getting ready for the big day?

The biggest tip I have is to hire professionals! Your pictures are what will live forever. Guests may not remember the food they ate, however you will always be able to look back on your wedding photos and cherish the moments. Thus, dedicating a budget to your hair and makeup is incredibly important! Choosing the right beauty team who can provide the services that you are looking for and has a known track record for quality is incredibly important because your makeup and hair needs to last the entire night.

A great service that Aly Rose Beauty offers is once the ceremony is over and pictures have been taken, our artists can stay and do touch ups before the bride heads into the reception and dances the night away. This is a great way to ensure you look flawless for the entire evening and well into the after party!

It is also super important to make sure you are choosing an artist that is licensed, bonded and insured and that they are following proper sanitation methods with all of their clients and technicians. This is a huge day for you and your loved ones and the best thing you can do is hire the right vendors so that you can enjoy the day stress-free knowing that your vendor team has got your back!

Anything else you would like to tell future brides?

One of my very favorite things is seeing my brides look and feel so confident and happy on their wedding day and it is always an honor and privilege to be able to provide that to them!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and Aly Rose Beauty a little better! For anyone looking to connect with me or get a consultation for your big day please do not hesitate to reach out to me at info@alyrosebeauty.com, follow me on all social channels at: @alyrosebeautyteam and learn more about my business at www.alyrosebeauty.com

My wife is very particular about details and no less than 10 different times did I hear her say the words, "Everything is perfect." So much of this came from the attention to detail that Vanessa provided for us. From the pre-planning to the placement of every single detail that we asked for, not a single thing was missed.

- Garrett and Monica

"Everything is perfect!

"Truly, every detail came together so beautifully."

- Kelsey, Bride

Working with Vanessa and the Finer team was truly a gift. Vanessa made our experience seamless. She walked us through everything and handled all the behind the scenes details