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Okay, we won’t go as far as to say that the reception is the best part of every wedding. Seeing the bride walk down the aisle, the groom (usually) crying and the first kiss- you really can’t beat the love and emotions that you and your guests will experience during your wedding ceremony. BUT, we will go as far as to say that the wedding reception is hands down the most fun part of a wedding! The stress of the day is all gone and all that’s left is to simply enjoy. It really is a euphoric feeling. So, now the question is…how do you ensure that you have the best wedding reception EVER? Well it’s your lucky day because we’re here to tell you just that.

First things first, let’s get the boring (but important) stuff out of the way. In order to have the best wedding reception ever, you will need a reception that runs smoothly, hits all of the items that you want to include and ensures there is enough time for dancing and fun. To do this, you HAVE to create and stick to a strict schedule. People that aren’t seasoned in the wedding industry might not understand the importance of a reception timeline but trust us! Every timeline item relies heavily on the previous one sticking to schedule and once it’s off, it can start a ripple effect. Here’s a great example: Say you have a buffet line and all tables are accidentally called up at once rather than one table at a time. Now it takes 10x longer to get everyone their food and back to their seat, which postpones the speeches, which postpones the first dances, which postpones the most fun part – the dancing. Then all of the sudden, you and your guests have 20 minutes to break it down on the dance floor and you didn’t even get to do a bouquet toss.

Trust us, sticking to the timeline is CRUCIAL! Don’t fret though, this is exactly why you hire a wedding planner like Finerr Wedding and Events! We will handle everything from the timeline creation to ensuring that everyone is on schedule the entire day. This way, you do not have to worry about a single thing and can enjoy a super fun and perfectly executed reception!

Another big factor that guarantees you have the best reception ever is finding the musical option that suits you and your partners wants and needs best! There are a lot of options out there when it comes to selecting your entertainment of choice. Whether that is a standard DJ, a live performer, a band or some sort of combination of these options. Picking the right fit for you and your guests is important. A live performer or band is a really amazing option for some couples! It can make your guests feel like they get a wedding and concert all mixed in one

amazing evening and can be a truly memorable entertainment choice. On the other hand, if you and your guests are wanting to jam out to old school rap songs from the 90’s and have already prepared a choreographed TikTok inspired dance to Lizzo’s “About Damn Time”… well then you all are not going to be very satisfied with a band or live performer. This is why taking the time to figure out the musical entertainment that’s right for you is another crucial step to having the best reception ever.

Picking the right entertainment for you does not just include your musical selection. There is truly an endless amount of super fun and unique entertainment options that you can include at your reception. There are of course the more well known options like yard games if you have outdoor area space at your venue. Nothing beats a wedding themed corn hole game or giant Connect Four. These are especially great additions to your reception if you have little ones attending your wedding!

Here are some other really fun reception ideas to think about including in your big day. We had a couple who served mini burgers on the dance floor as the night was coming to an end. This made for epic dance photos and also helped sober a few folks up. Handing out glow sticks and bubbles to everyone really gets the party started (and also makes for amazing photos). We had a best man once surprise the bride and groom by bringing out huge cutouts of the couple during the reception… it was a huge hit!

Instead of a guest book, set up a huge canvas and allow your guests to paint on it throughout the night. You now have a really meaningful work of art to hang in your house that was created by everyone you love. Seriously, there are sooo many really fun and unique things to add to your reception that make it super fun and memorable. Think outside of the box and find additions that are meaningful and fun to you and it will absolutely make for the best reception ever.

I think we will wrap up our tips to ensuring you have the best reception ever with probably the most important tip to remember. There are a lot of traditions that you may feel pressured to include in your wedding day and we want to remind you that you should not and absolutely do not need to include ANY wedding traditions that do not speak to you and your partner. Do you think the bouquet toss is cheesy? Throw it out (pun intended). Have a maid of honor who’s literally petrified of speeches? Don’t make her do one! You can instead set aside a private moment with your Maid of Honor during the night where she can tell you how beautiful and proud of you she is. Not into the idea of everyone watching you slow dance with your partner? Don’t do the first dance!!

You can always opt for a private last dance once everyone leaves. Hopefully you get the point here. To make sure you have the best reception ever, the entire event has to speak to you and your partner. Do and don’t do whatever the heck you damn well please and we guarantee, you will have the most memorable day of your life! Side note: if you have us as your wedding planner, we’ve also got your back 100% and will ensure that no one forces you to do anything or gives you any amount of crap about your choices!

Okay, we lied. Our last tip on how to ensure you have the best reception ever? Hire Finerr Weddings and Events! Choosing a planner who is seasoned in the industry and knows a wedding timeline like the back of their hand is going to guarantee your whole day is perfect from start to finish. At Finerr Weddings and Events, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality events that will leave you and your guests in awe! Our goal is to inspire, create the extraordinary, and leave an impression that lasts a lifetime. Learn more about what we offer at www.finerrweddingsandevents.com

My wife is very particular about details and no less than 10 different times did I hear her say the words, "Everything is perfect." So much of this came from the attention to detail that Vanessa provided for us. From the pre-planning to the placement of every single detail that we asked for, not a single thing was missed.

- Garrett and Monica

"Everything is perfect!

"Truly, every detail came together so beautifully."

- Kelsey, Bride

Working with Vanessa and the Finer team was truly a gift. Vanessa made our experience seamless. She walked us through everything and handled all the behind the scenes details