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We get it. You want to save money on your wedding. You don’t feel like paying for a florist, or a staff to buss tables and take out the trash. It just makes more sense to have your maid of honor take care of all those little things, right? Why pay for invitations when you can just make them yourself? Plus! You can tie a little ribbon around them too! What  is the problem with that?

Well, if  you weren’t understanding the sarcasm… trying to DIY your whole wedding will not only be more time consuming then hiring vendors, but it can also end up being more expensive. The idea of the couple taking on certain tasks that a vendor would normally be paid to do, sounds nice. Weddings become expensive really fast, so it is understandable that couples look for ways to cut costs. However, this is often not the smart option. 

Let’s answer a few questions…

Is a DIY wedding really cheaper than a regular wedding?

It depends. The cost of materials while planning a wedding can often be more expensive than simply buying the service. There are certain aspects of a wedding that you can not recreate yourself for less money. When it comes to these vendors, you and your partner must allocate part of your budget towards the service.

Is hiring a wedding coordinator really necessary? 

If you want to transform an average looking space into a sight to have a wedding, then you need the help of a professional. If you live in Socal, check out Finer Events & Co.. We can help you do just that! We use our expertise to help client’s ideas come to life in a very non-stress way. Hiring a wedding coordinator is a very good way to cancel out your stress leading up to the wedding. With professional help, your venue will be absolutely stunning. Although Wedding Planners do cost money, we are also experts in budget-saving, and have so many tips to help you spare your money.

What are the pros and cons of using a non-traditional wedding venue?

Non-traditional wedding venues can be really cool because they allow the couple to choose exactly how they want the space to by layed out. This could be a backyard wedding, a mountain top wedding, a beach wedding, national park wedding….etc. However, the problem with this is, the space will not provide tables, seats, lights, power, heaters, food, and everything else that comes along with hosting a big number of people. This does not apply to people who are planning a micro wedding, with only a handful of guests. 

Is DIY hair and makeup a good idea?

This depends! If you have a friend or a mom that is knowledgeable about hair and makeup, then go for it. However, it is much more safe to do a trial run before the actual day. You want to look your very best on your wedding day. In 20 years you don’t want to look back and think, “I should have hired a professional.” Have your friend do a trial run, that way things go smoothly on the day of your wedding!

There are many more things you could DIY at your wedding, but if cost is the main reason you are thinking about doing a DIY wedding, let Finer Events & Co. help! We are experts when it comes to budgeting and can help you plan the most perfect, stress-free wedding… while staying within your budget. This, more often than not, is the cheaper option, and is always the less stressed option. Feel free to contact us, so we can answer your questions!

My wife is very particular about details and no less than 10 different times did I hear her say the words, "Everything is perfect." So much of this came from the attention to detail that Vanessa provided for us. From the pre-planning to the placement of every single detail that we asked for, not a single thing was missed.

- Garrett and Monica

"Everything is perfect!

"Truly, every detail came together so beautifully."

- Kelsey, Bride

Working with Vanessa and the Finer team was truly a gift. Vanessa made our experience seamless. She walked us through everything and handled all the behind the scenes details